Revolutionary Spies, Intelligence and Espionage in America's First War by Tim McNeese

I recently had the chance to pickup "Revolutionary Spies: Intelligence and Espionage in America's First War" by Tim McNeese.

McNeese writes an engaging tale about the early American networks of spies, patriots, and traitors that is rarely taught today. His book aligns directly with the intention of Standing For Liberty, that intention being to help Americans remember their forgotten history.

McNeese's book covers much of the under appreciated history of spy craft that made the American Revolution a success. He covers the early days of George Washington as he took on the role of spy against the French. Washington's learnings during those early days changed his approach to warfare. In time, his approach to warfare will make the American colonies free. Even though Washington wasn't always successful on the battlefield his knowledge of spy craft and intelligence gathering were essential to success. He leverages spymasters like John Jay and Benjamin Tallmadge to manage some critical assets.

Standing for Liberty discusses several of the figures in this book during our live historical tales.

Learn about:

*The Culper Ring

*James Armistead

*Paul Revere and the Mechanics

*The Sons of Liberty

*Dr Benjamin Church

*Benedict Arnold

And many more....

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