A 10 year old boy excited by history

Recently I presented to a 5th grade class in southern Minnesota. I very much enjoy talking with children regarding "the shot heard round the world" and that "the REGULARS are out". The teacher had prepped her class for me. They were very engaged and had tons of questions.

At the end of my stories and demonstrations of 1775 technology, a young boy came up to me and asked me a question. He asked "If I were to do my paper on a person from the Revolution, who could I do that you didn't talk about?" I was quite impressed with the young lads enthusiasm and thought for a moment. I gave him the name of a few people with a very short description of each of them. After my thoughts he said "Ohhhh, Henry Knox sounds cool." I agreed. He stated he would write about Henry Knox and took off for class. I thought nothing of it and went on to my next production.

Last week his teacher sent me a copy of his paper. This is from the mind of a 10 year old boy who was excited enough about American history to take this work upon himself and share with his class:


10 year old student

Henry Knox

July 25, 1750-October 6, 1806

Henry Knox was born in Boston, on July 25, 1750.He had to leave school at an early age because his father left his mother. In 1772 Henry Knox, joined the Boston Grenadier corps,As the second-in-command. Two years after Henry Knox joined the Boston Grenadier corps he married Lucy Flucker, whose father was a loyalist and disapproved of the marriage.

When the revolution war broke out in 1775, Henry Knox Volunteered his services to General George Washington. Henry Knox knew something about artillery, So he was appointed colonel in command of the Continental Regiment of artillery. There was however, no artillery in the Army assembled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, It was in Lobster back territory 300 miles away at Ticonderoga, New York.

In December 1775, Henry Knox went to fetch 59 Big cannon in a during operation hauling them back to Boston on the sleds and skis on snow and ice Henry Knox name the two biggest cannon Independence and Liberty. Henry Knox Arrived just in time to help George Washington Fortify Dorchester Heights, overlooking Boston. This caused the Red Coat General to evacuate the city. After Henry Knox and his crew took the Boston they realized that they would be important in almost every major battle of the war. In 1794 Henry Knox retired to a chunk of land his wife inherited in Maine. Sadly Henry Knox died there on October 6th, 1806.


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