In this family friendly, 2.5 hour introductory course (open to new shooters of all ages) you will learn the basic skills necessary to properly handle your pistol.  You will learn operation, safety, clearing your firearm of common ammo problems, and gain the basic skills to move up to the intermediate ‘Marksmanship’ courses.  This is a "NO AMMUNITION" course.  You will not be firing your pistol during this course.

Pistol Introduction - Overivew and Usage

  • This course is taught on Monday evenings at Runnings in Austin, MN @ 5:30pm.  We meet at the Archery/Instruction area behind the firearms counters.  

    This course is an introductory, NO AMMUNITION, course.  We will not be discharging our firearms in this course.  This class is intended to familiarize you with your firearm's operation and for you to understand how to safely operate your firearm.  

    You will learn specific skills that will enable you to begin to use your firearm safely and allow you to begin to become comfortable with its operation.  This INTRODUCTORY course will prepare you for our MARKSMANSHIP courses.   

    For this course, please: 

    • Bring your own firearm in a case 
    • Have your firearm UNLOADED 
    • Bring 2 magazines UNLOADED 
    • Bring 1 box of ammunition (ONLY for magazine loading demo)
    • Be open to learn! 

    You will learn: 

    • Overview of Operation
    • Making your firearm safe
    • Proper holds 
    • Dealing with malfunctions 
    • Prepare you for MARKSMANSHIP classes where you learn more advanced skills and will use/fire your firearm


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