Everyone in America has heard the story of the Founding Fathers, but due to the society of the day, the women that contributed to changing our history and creating our nation rarely get the recoginition that they deserve.  

The stories that are told by our instructors tell how without the Founding Mothers, America as we know it may not have existed.  

We want Americans to know how women helped to make our nation - and our liberties - possible.

Abigail Adams


Nancy Hart


Margaret Gage


"Molly Pitcher"


Elizabeth Zane


Betsy Ross

Our volunteers at Standing for Liberty want to speak to you about the all of the heroes from the American Revolution, not just the men.  We have talks and stories researched for many of the women that made the Revolution possible.  Request a presentation at your next event!  

You have heard about the Founding Fathers, but what do you know of the Founding Mothers?